Friday, 9 April 2010

David Cameron rejoins Battle of the Bush

Not to be outdone by the Prime Minister's visit to Shepherd's Bush to support Andy Slaughter earlier this week, Tory Leader David Cameron paid his second visit to our neck of the woods today and saw the work of a local Hammersmith youth charity called SPEAR - who work with unemployed young people in our area.
Both Cameron and Bailey heard from graduates of the courses run by SPEAR on their experiences and hopes for the future.

Shaun Bailey, the Conservative candidate, dressed down and shot some pool with the kids. He said:

“The work of SPEAR is fantastic in giving young people chances to shape their future and providing valuable experience that will lead to employment. We need to learn from SPEAR’s work and do more of it across the country.”


  1. I'd never heard of them. Looks like a really great programme. Would make a good story in its own right.
    You have to wonder how much either a Labour or Tory (or hung) government is going to have left over to spend on programmes like this, given how many cuts they're going to have to make. It is the kind of thing I'd traditionally associate with not being a Conservative priority, so it's interesting (and good) to see them supporting it.