Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Election Stations!

Were you, like me, accosted by the leaflet-givers last night and this morning?!

I live almost equidistantly from East Acton, White City and Shepherd's Bush stations so yesterday evening I chose East Acton. Expecting to see something I was still overwhelmed not by what I saw but what I heard.

Watch out for a young Tory, about 25-30 years old, tousled blond hair and with a very very loud voice indeed. In fact he almost screams at you to "vote Shaun Bailey at the next election"!!! before thrusting a leaflet in your hand. I took one just to make sure he didn't hit me.

And here they are, these masterpieces of electoral literature! Bailey has a professionally produced leaflet which gets across his key messages in bullet point format while Andy Slaughter has a whole mini newsletter.

Bailey talks, for example, about "protecting and strengthening our NHS" but doesn't give any detail while Slaughter devotes whole articles which illustrate why he says the Tories can't be trusted with services like the NHS. The picture on the front of his newsletter is of Charing Cross Hospital which the Tories have repeatedly said is at risk of closure - denied by the Government.

Not sure which approach works best - but whatever you think, watch out for that blond Tory. He's lethal.


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  2. Neither Blond nor Young, but certainly a Tory

    Dear Chris,

    A friend alerted me to your piece on the Tube Action at East Acton. My
    apologies for any offence caused to your ear drums or senses. I am the chap to which you refered, and whilst I have what many acribe to be 'mousey blond' hair, I do have the curse (or blessing, depending upon the company) of having a distinctive loud voice, and young looks - I'm 35.

    I too live between stations, so should you be at a loose end one evening, why not join us !

    A very entertaining piece, as are many of your blogs. Vote Conservative, Vote Bailey, your Candidate for Hammersmith !