Friday, 2 April 2010

Cameron confronted with H&F propaganda

The Fulham Chronicle, which has had some problems delivering its papers, has certainly managed to deliver a headline to another west London resident - Tory Leader David Cameron. In scenes that will have Council Leader Stephen Greenhalgh thumping the table in rage the would-be Prime Minister was confronted outside his own house with the Chronicle's advertising lorry, accusing the Council of spending tax payers money on partisan propaganda.

Given how Cameron backed the Council to the hilt at this meeting I very much doubt it will make the slightest bit of difference to the Council's position on Pravda, but I would only assume that the authority must have a limit to how much of this public humiliation it is prepared to take before it announces a climb-down. Why am I so sure?

Well our Council is now renowned for plastering the Borough with posters, placards and other signage trumpeting what they see as their various successes. Unsurprisingly there has been a spike in this activity in the run up to this May's election. So in my mind it stands to reason that they will be far more sensitive to this sort of thing than maybe other authorities. It's certainly not the sort of message they would want us all to be reading in the run up to polling day, which we all now are. In the Bush alone there are posters at the following locations:

95 Askew Road w12 9as Headline: THEIR NEWS / THE NEWS

Goldhawk Road w12 8EG. Headline: BIASED / UNBIASED.

Sheperds Bush Green w12 7js. Headline: PROPAGANDA / PROPER PAPER

The only way they can apparently stop this is by giving in! Of course, I could be wrong..

PS - The Fulham Chronicle are inviting all those residents who agree with this campaign to a photo call outside Hammersmith Town Hall at 11am on Tuesday 6th of this month. Go to their website for further details but otherwise just turn up.

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