Friday, 15 January 2010

Shaun Bailey interviewed

Shaun Bailey, our Tory candidate for the Hammersmith constituency which includes the Bush, has been profiled here in Total Politics magazine.

As the election draws closer I will try to feature any interviews or profiles of either Andy Slaughter, Shaun Bailey or Merlene Emerson. And watch this space for some interviews of my own.


  1. Just before I saw this post, I was wondering who our Lib Dem candidate was, and was going to look it up.

    Both parties are so bankrupt in so many ways for me, that I sort of wish there was a 'none of the above' box on the ballot sheet - but the only choice that doesn't inspire depression is Lib Dem. Regardless of whether they're seen as a 'wasted vote'. I'd like to hear more from Merlene Emerson, anyway.

    I appreciated the cheap photocopied Labour info sheet that was posted through our letterboxes in the Askew Ward this week. All Shaun Bailey's glossy four colour brochures and DVDs seem massively wasteful, and remind me of the money the Council have wasted on rebranding and propaganda. And the Labour sheet actually had some news, rather than Bailey's I-Want-To-Make-The-Borough-A-Better-Place substanceless guff.

  2. The Lib Dem candidate, Merlene, is also featured on the same Total Politics site,