Sunday, 24 January 2010

Goldhawk roadworks: An update from H&F


Cabinet Member for the Environment Cllr Nick Botterill has been in touch, as promised, to share the results of this crisis meeting which the Council held last week over the water works road closures affecting Askew/Paddenswick roads, Seven Stars corner and the knock-on traffic for much of the Goldhawk Road. He says this:  

The situation has eased following the improved signage plus the fact that drivers who come to the area regularly are now aware of the problem. However a significant number are still ignoring the diversion signs and trying to cut south around the obstruction or forcing themselves (obviously potentially dangerous) through the closed westbound section. H&F are therefore looking to get additional signs put up advising that left turns off Goldhawk Road beyond Hammersmith Grove are closed except for local access and also advising of “enforcement” of the westbound closure of Goldhawk Road. While unlikely to be perfect solutions, it will help to continue to reduce the traffic in the area.

Late Friday an issue came up with access to properties on Goldhawk Road being blocked by diggings (planned next week) and the Council is seeking to ensure that Thames maintain access by plating over trenches when not being worked on“.

I’m interested to know what the “enforcement” measures will be, having seen drivers doing basically whatever they want to get around them. That has been the subject of many of your comments too.

But we’re grateful for the update, and I’ll judge the results for myself as no doubt will you, tomorrow!


  1. What I'd love to know, as a resident off the Goldhawk Road, is why the big huge signs weren't put up earlier.

    And surely it'd make more sense to divert people down St. Stephen's Avenue Road - which is already a one-way street - rather than turning Coningham Road into a one-way street?

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