Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Car destroyed by water pipe!

Quite funny unless you're the car owner ... coming back from Hammersmith last night I noticed that there was loads of water streaming across Wormholt Road, thought nothing more of it. Yet this morning walking back down the same road I noticed a mini fountain erupting underneath a parked silver car and the same floods of water still streaming down the drain!

It was dark so I didnt take a picture but the poor owner of this car has had a fountain under his car, pressing on the bottom of his chassis, for about 12 hours! Thames Water litigation department should prepare for a bill...

UPDATE - 13th December - Car gone. Fountain not. Our new water feature on Wormholt Road has now been pumping out drinking water at prodigious rates for a full 48 hours. It has fully ruptured the road surface which will now need to be relaid at our expense. Will Thames Water be referring to this in their next letter to residents urging them to fit water meters? We wait and see.

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