Saturday, 30 January 2010

Prison Guard jailed over affair with Bush rapist

Prison Officer Lisa Harris, 28, was jailed herself on thursday this week for having a sexual affair with Daniel Lynch - the Shepherd's Bush rapist from Becklow Gardens who arranged for acid to be thrown in the face of one of his victims. Harris was sentenced to 21 months, which means she'll be out in a few months. But her time in jail is unlikely to be easy, as this other former prison guard from Wormwood Scrubs will no doubt testify.

The questions about this woman's state of mind are very obvious - how do you end up having sex with a man who you knew was both a rapist and capable of trying to destroy another woman with acid - and that is what the media has understandably enough focussed on. But I'd like to know how on earth its possible for a prison officer to get away with this even once in the prison system. Apart from the affair she smuggled mobile phones in to Lynch, who doubtless used them to affect how things were going on the streets of the Bush.

Thanks for looking out for us there, Her Majesty's Prison Service.

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