Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Shepherd's Bush Market: have your say

The new plans I reported on here for our Market are available to view at - you can leave comments there too.

I still think that it's an excellent idea to grow the market, it's proposed to expand eastwards, but several of you have been in touch to warn of the potential impact on housing and knock-on planning implications for residents. To be perfectly honest I don't have a handle on what those implications might be, but it already looks like its shaping up to be another planning battle.

I understand that many of the existing Market traders fear that the Council have plans to hike the rents as part of the redevelopment - the Council's opponents say this is part of an agenda to drive them out and perhaps installing what they might view as a 'higher class' of trader. I can see the logic but I don't see any evidence to support that at this stage so on balance I give the Council the benefit of the doubt.

The fact that there is doubt however is a mark of the level of distrust that the Council has created with recent planning decisions that have been directly against residents express wishes, most notably the Goldhawk Block and 282 Goldhawk Road.

You can also find out more and have your say at events taking place at the old Shepherds Bush Library today (Wednesday) 4.30-8pm; Friday, 8 January, 1-4.30pm; Saturday, 9 January, 9.30am-1pm, Monday, 11 January, 4.30-8pm; and Wednesday, 13 January, 1-4.30pm.  I'll probably be along on the 9th in the morning and report back after then.

The closing date for consultation is Monday, 18 January. Whatever happens it looks set to change the face of one of the most well known parts of the Bush.


  1. I tried to go on Wednesday 6th... but cancelled... note on door.... due to snow. Sometimes this country is pathetic when it comes to the weather.

    Personally I think that the market could do with a shake-up. There is a huge amount of duplication, too much nylon and antique veg. On the plus side you can get any spice or exotic fruit and vegetable, brilliant fresh fish, loads-a-luggage (if you are into all that) but you can't by a piece of cheese, loaf of bread or even a bacaon sandwich!! There is enormous potential for broadening the offerings and fayre.

    However, although there are criticisms and holes in the provision, the idea that the market might be threatened would make any self respecting Bushite stamp their little hoof and get very cross! I think the loss of the market would really galvanise people into action. Might even unite the residents and the businesses.

    There has been no further feedback on the effect of the 1 hour only P&D bays around the market area despite the gloomy predictions of the market and businesses.

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