Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Recession Bush: Pub closes

After the good news of December I saw this sad sight yesterday morning on the Askew Road.

I'd never been inside but it looked like the preserve of older people who would sit in there and gaze out of the windows watching the world go by most days.

I'm assuming another casualty of the recession and hope the staff find something new soon.

UPDATE 1400 - The Shepherds Bush & Fulham Chronicle has emailed to ask what the name of the pub was, which you might have thought they'd know or be able to find out being full time journalists .. but in the spirit of co-operation it was the Old Bull & Bush. Just so you know where the press get many of their Bush stories from people ...


  1. Hello Chris,

    What's the name of the pub?


    Adam, Fulham Chron

  2. Famous as the pub where Anne Widdecombe's stolen credit card was used for several hundred pounds worth of booze! Further down Askew Rd is The Sun, which has a 'for sale as Development Potential' board displayed. The original Sun was bombed during WW2 I think with several killed. Not a good time for pubs or petrol stations......

  3. The Sun on Askew Road has now closed - there is a metal grill nailed over the door...

  4. The Old Bull and Bush became quite a dive recently - there always seems to be one such pub on the Askew Road although it moves up and down the road as the years go by.

    The pub was previously called "The Travellers Rest" for many years and did live Country and Western.

    There was a little brass plaque on the door - it said "No Travellers".

    The Sun was hit by a V2 I believe. Fifty people died and one survived - he was in the toilet at the time.

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