Thursday, 14 January 2010

Askew library turns mail provider

The library on Askew Road will be providing a Royal Mail collection service from March 15th this year, following a complete refurb of the entire library taking place over February. The news is a joint project between our Council and Royal Mail, who are closing this complete joke of a mail collection office, which I had the misfortune to have to use in December.

The library itself is having nearly £90K spent on its flooring, counters and general upkeep in the process - but having used it before, I do wonder whether any of that money will contribute to any new books, many of which are quite shabby.

But good news, and coming after some recent other good news for the Askew Road, things are looking up for this often overlooked part of the Bush.


  1. but erm... it's a 30 minute walk from Ariel Way to Askew Road. So this is going to piss off the residents for whom Ariel Way was relatively convenient!

    Luckily, I work near Ariel way and live near Askew Road...

  2. Ariel Way may have been more convenient for them but not much kop when they lost your mail and gave you the customer service of a dead slug.

  3. this is terrible. genuinely a terrible, terrible decision.
    the customer service won't be any better, there almost certainly won't be an actual post office there to replace the one they took away on the corner.

    and much more importantly, it's replacing the brilliant children's area, which is basically the one communal space in the whole area for mothers and toddlers to gather. at a time when schools are desperate to encourage children to read outside school. my wife went to a meeting about reading at school just before pickup time yesterday, and three parents out of 30 in the reception class turned up. THREE. a week and a half into these kids' school careers.

    plus the council have already completely broken the parking on Askew Road (widely publicised, with a pathetic attempt to fix it). so there'll be hundreds more people driving here everyday with no support for them (and accompanying danger to pedestrians), and the children will lose their gathering and reading space. and to read the political spin, you'd think this was a great decision. ugh.

  4. It is a shame if the children's room at the front has gone. The under 5's sessions used to be very popular there and I cannot see enough space elsewhere for a seperate children's area......In theory a good idea to combine services to keep a local PO presence but is it a PO, or a parcel centre? I wonder what the library staff think!