Sunday, 10 January 2010

Dangerous vehicles ply Shepherd's Bush Fair

The last great diesel belching lorries and caravans were trundling off the Green this week-end, churning even the permafrosted ground as they went, having been a nice little earner for the Council but not exciting much interest from the hard-to-please locals of the Bush. In my several posts on this fair, this year and last, I've asked questions about the clear-up operation that never seems to follow - just look here.

But what now of the state of the lorries they use?

You can clearly see from this lorry that his MOT date is now well over a year overdue. He cares so little about this that he's even prepared to display it on the back of his cab.

Does our Council carry out any checks on these people - or do they just focus on their cheques?



  1. This tractor has been sat there for a few days and I saw its out of date licences and did rather wonder. Has it been dumped do you think?

  2. nope - rolled off the Green yesterday and onto the Queen's Highway!

  3. ...and its back again as of this morning!