Monday, 11 January 2010

New Health Centre for White City

Canberra Centre for Health has opened its doors, on South Africa Road at long last and after a great deal of controversy. Built on what used to be a school playground the centre now offers specialist interventions for local conditions that particularly affect the population, such as diabetes. You might think that running around in a playground was quite a good way of avoiding diabetes among children but not Geoff Alltimes, NHS Hammersmith and Fulham Chief Executive, who said:

“Canberra Centre for Health represents a significant investment in the health, wellbeing and future of the entire White City community.

“The centre has a unique relationship with the local community in that it has been designed with the help of residents to make sure it gives them what they want from their local NHS.  

“For example, there will specific sessions in languages which are widely spoken in White City, longer consultation times for every appointment, services tailored to conditions which are more prevalent in the area like diabetes. 

“We are proud of this new development and I am confident we will see real improvement in the health of the whole community as a result.”

I was particularly struck by this advert (pictured) that the same local health authority placed this summer aimed squarely at W12 yoof who seem to have some really quite serious health issues of their own if the advert is anything to go by. So I wish them luck. And await with interest what is going to be built on this old health site as well.

In additon to a Health Centre a new dental centre has been opened on the same site too. More information here.

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