Thursday, 14 January 2010

Bush Tories picket Tube

..OK good workout, now got to get to the Tube .. crap it's raining hard ..  maybe I won't be as late as I think..will there still be a Metro left for the ride .. COUNCIL TAX DOWN! VOTE CONSERVATIVE! .. eh what?!

An everyday morning in the Bush now there's an election coming and the Tories are targeting us with the air war plus ground troops hard. The latest copy of propaganda-dressed-as-news dropped through your letterbox yesterday packed with at least three articles I spotted last night as being either misleading or one-sided (I'll be fisking them next week for your delectation). That's the air war you see - mass delivery of propaganda at our expense, disguised as a newspaper which even their fellow Tories describe as propaganda. And let's not forget those North Korea style posters hung all over the borough either, which proclaim the Utopia we all now inhabit.

Then, having been softened up by the air campaign, we are hit with the crack ground troops handing out the pictured leaflet for us to read on the tube. The tube workers must have been thanking their lucky stars as lots of discarded leaflets started to litter the platforms downstairs, posing a potential health & safety issue near the edge of the platform.

But what about their message? It's all about the dosh. 1,200 pounds of it to be precise. That's the saving made to residents, on average, by the four years since we elected a Conservative council in H&F. And to be fair they have a point - that has been an achievement which they quite rightly now use to illustrate their record. Labour accuse them of having cut vital services to achieve this, the latest example being the gritting service which has seemed to be non-existent locally throughout the ice.

But more of this you can surely expect - or are you tired of it already?!


  1. Nah, bring it on! I do wonder what the printing bill for the Tories in this Hood must be!! I have had one leaflet after another through my letter box.

  2. H&F gave Kensington and Chelsea some of our grit because they ran out... which is why many of the main thoroughfare pathways weren't cleared in our own borough...

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