Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Goldhawk Road facelift

The Goldhawk Road is to get the full works. This consultation, which formally opens today, will result in far reaching changes to this part of W12. In fact I get the impression that our Council just can't bear to leave this part of the Bush alone! After recent planning decisions, which united residents in opposition only for them to be overuled in favour of developers, the Council now wants to radically improve both walking and cycling down this big busy road.

Having taken a quick squizz at this information leaflet it looks pretty good to me so much credit to the Council for that. Widened pavements and more pelican crossings can only be a good thing, and if it results in some of the grottier parts of the road being revamped then all the better too. There are some really good restaurants and bars down that Road which would stand to benefit from these improvements - and if we can have more BlaBlaBlas or Rajputs it would make the place even better.

Every time I credit the Council for anything like this I always seem to attract criticism, usually based on unforeseen impacts that residents are worried about, and after all that's the point of blogging - its your space as much as mine. But surely there can't be any down side to this little package of measures can there?!

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  1. I know I'm commenting on an old post here, but the Bush Garden Cafe is sorely missed.