Wednesday, 20 January 2010

RMT strike to hit Bush

Communist Bob is back in the New Year the same way he finished the old one with yet more threats of strike action to get his members, most of whom are on some of the cushiest numbers in all of London, yet more of our money. This year's excuse is a roster system they are debating with London Underground who, not unreasonably, would like people available to carry out engineering work 24/7. Anyone that has enjoyed "late engineering works" as an excuse will understand why.

But not our Bob. Not without lots more money please. And lets just remind ourselves of what Bob's members are actually like.

Bob says this:

This overwhelming vote for action has shown LUL management that if they think that they can ride roughshod over our terms and conditions then they need to think again. It’s their bully-boy management style which has forced us into this dispute and our members have sent out the clearest possible message that they are not prepared to be beaten into submission.”

LU's chief maintenance officer Phil Hufton says this: 

"We are planning to introduce a roster covering 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure planned engineering staff are always available. That agreement already exists, but the RMT is trying to tear it up.

"They should stop threatening industrial action at every opportunity."

If you want to get around from the Bush on strike days a really good way I've found is via the Overground - you can get down to Clapham Junction in about 10 mins and from there trains can either take you to Victoria or London Bridge. Or if you get it Northbound it will take you up to Willesden Junction and then on across an arc in North London, near to Camden and through Hackney. It doesnt cut the walking out but it does get you there eventually. Don't bother trying to get a bus on the Green - you won't get on.

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