Friday, 22 January 2010

Green Party candidate releases campaign video

"If you're worried about your children's future you must vote for me!" - is the fetching slogan used in this, possibly the worst example of a campaign video I have ever seen, from our Green Party candidate Rollo Miles at the next General Election.

Filmed in his front room Rollo mentions not one thing about the local area, doesn't even mention Shepherd's Bush at all, and instead says that "one more Labour, Tory or LibDem MP won't make a difference..but a Green MP will." Um, right that's me sold.

He has not one thing to say about the major local issues of housing, the economy, transport or even the big local environmental issue of the Thames Tideway Tunnel - either the impact on one of our local green spaces or the ongoing problem of sewer flooding.

No, none of this is worth a mention to Rollo, whose main selling point instead is this scary statement: - "if you are worried about your children's future, or even your own, you must vote for me"!  Thanks for that Rollo.

One thing Rollo does get right however is that the Hammersmith constituency is a new one and keenly fought over - that's why we've seen Cameron dropping by, and slick videos from Shaun Bailey among others. Andy Slaughter is also fighting hard. All of which means you can expect to be courted at every opportunity - even at the Tube - but lets hope the Greens based on this evidence either just give up and go away or try a little bit harder in the coming weeks and months. 2 out of 10.

Have a happy weekend!


  1. I was most interested to discover that the Green Party Parliamentary candidate is property agent, Rollo Miles. If truth be known, I had in the past (before I was aware of his aspirations for Westminster) encouraged Rollo to stand as a candidate in the May local elections in College Park. We all know how badly we need to have more independent voices in the Council (ie independent of Labour and Conservatives) to better reflect the views of a growing majority of residents.

    As for myself, I am standing in Hammersmith because I believe it is important for the electorate to have a choice of candidates of all colour (political and otherwise). And with turnout at elections at barely 50%, there is really no such thing as a safe seat.

    Merlene Emerson, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Hammersmith

    PS I have enjoyed reading your blog.

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