Saturday, 27 February 2010

Tax cut for fourth year in row











You'll probably be aware that our Council has announced that tax is to be cut for the fourth year in a row. How could you not be aware of this fact, they've been spending so much of our money hoisting banners all over the Borough to tell us about it! (Council Leader Stephen Greenhalgh is pictured here in a fetching pose with two of the said banners)

There has been a lot of sound and fury about this, with accusations that services to the most vulnerable are being cut and made too expensive so that the rest of us can save a few extra quid. That's a fair point, but you also have to give the Council some credit for this as well. In a recession its not an easy thing to do, and however irritating their constant propagandising is, fair play to the Council for achieving it, it will make a difference to a lot of people in the Borough.

Council Leader Greenhalgh says this:

Some people make the mistake of believing that cutting council tax bills must result in cutting services. It does not. Our savings come from removing waste and bureaucracy. We are slashing our historic debt, introducing competition to services and selling underused assets that we no longer need.”

We are spending £1.8 million a year to put more police on the streets. We are making our streets cleaner – with 93 per cent meeting Tidy Britain standards. We have improved refuse and recycling collections and parks. We have also opened the first new library in the borough for 40 years at virtually no cost to the taxpayer.”

I would bring you a quote from Opposition Leader Stephen Cowan but he hasn't updated his blog - you would think that this would merit even a quick article but apparently not!

UPDATE 2nd March - the Liberal Democrats have been in touch to share their own analysis of this Council's budget, and the tax cuts. As far as they're concerned its a "short term bribe". You can read it here.


  1. When Andrew Slaughter ran the council he more than doubled the councils debt. Debt is what really has a negative impact on services, not the reduction of it.

  2. Queen Caroline Resident27 February 2010 at 17:53

    I wonder if Stephen Cowan has given up? We hear from the local Tories all the time in his ward, but never from our sitting Councillors like Cllr Cowan.