Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Boris stalls on disabled access for Bushers

You may remember this post when I reported two searching questions that have been asked of the Mayor at the London Assembly.

He is obliged to answer them, and in doing so explain why Shepherd's Bush tube does not have disabled access. He will need to explain why Transport for London says that the installation of a simple lift would cost in excess of 100 million pounds, and why the work has been put off "indefinately".

But Boris is stalling. The Assembly Member who asked these questions, Caroline Pidgeon, which Bushers have also been asking ever since the new tube was openned, should have received a reply over a week ago. She hasn't. Boris clearly thinks that he can ignore us. He can't.

What's the answer Boris? And why have you kept us waiting?


  1. We should be lucky he even knows where Shepherds Bush is. He thinks the Goldhawk Road is in Hammersmith

  2. Maybe someone should invent a Stannah for escalators.

    Joking aside, no one has really ever explained why the existing lift shaft is not a viable site for a new lift either.

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