Friday, 12 February 2010

Ashchurch Residents launch election campaign

Planning decisions are coming home to roost this election, with the launch of this campaign by the Ashchurch Residents Association. These were the local people who were overruled by H&F's infamous planning committee, who voted in favour of  a 'meditterenean village' (or high density housing block in plain English) that would make both the Council and the developers a lot of money.

Although Shaun Bailey, the Conservative candidate at the general election, attacked the Council over their similar treatment of the 'Goldhawk Block' residents, he did not directly attack the Council on this one.

So the candidate likely to suffer most from this sort of activity you would imagine is him. Andy Slaughter and Merlene Emerson have yet to issue public comment, but its clear some Shepherd's Bush residents intend to make the Council's treatment of them over how their neighbourhoods develop a very important local election issue that will decide who represents us at the Town Hall and in Parliament in the years ahead.

The residents themselves say this on their facebook site:
There will probably be a knock on your door soon from canvassers seeking your vote in the parliamentary and local elections. Ashchurch Residents' Association has decided to send out a message using the ARA leaflet shown above. While ARA is a non political organisation, anyone who was at the planning meeting in December will remember the sense of outrage they felt as the 282 Goldhawk Road development was voted through on a political majority in the face of residents' loud and clear opposition. They were neither heard nor listened to.

It's not just ironic but insulting that on almost the first working day after that meeting, Council Leader Stephen Greenhalgh issued a letter to residents' associations promising a more "democratic and  transparent" planning process, with "more meaningful participation in the formative stages of the process". That is what residents had been asking for all along, but their pleas fell on deaf ears. So if you think the  council's actions speak louder than words, please use this leaflet and give it to your friends. It can be downloaded in various forms at



  1. Dear Chris

    May I point out that I had commented on this issue on my website: "Council Planner ride roughshod over residents views AGAIN" dated 17 Dec 2009 - please see
    And continue to be in touch with ARA.

    Merlene Emerson
    Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Hammersmith

  2. Hi Merlene

    I was referring to this specific campaign by the residents which has just been launched targetting candidates at the forthcoming elections. To my knowledge neither you nor Andy nor Shaun have specifically commented on that yet.

    But you're clearly talking to the residents so well done

    All the best

  3. Dear Chris
    Congratulations on the note by Dave Hill in The Guardian today. You are doing a great job.
    So glad you picked up on the Ashchurch Residents' Association latest activities and have it up on your blog. I am in charge of press for the Ashchurch Residents Association and have some other information for you. What is the best address to send it to?

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