Thursday, 4 February 2010

Mandy backs Andy

 Peter Mandelson paid a visit to Hammersmith last week to help raise funds for Andy Slaughter MP's re-election bid. The man who propelled Blair into No 10 was at the Indian Zing restaurant in King Street. Tickets cost party members and supporters a £100 each - so I hope the food was top notch.

The evening was hosted by former Downing Street policy chief Matthew Taylor, now chief executive of the Royal Society of Arts, who acted as question master.  Andy Slaughter also spoke and Robert Evans, MEP for London for the past 15 years, conducted an auction to add to the election funds.

Lord Mandelson said "I have known Andy for more than 20 years and seen at first hand how hard he works for his constituents.  Andy has lived and worked here all his life, serving the people he lives amongst. This election will be about who is best qualified to lead Britain’s recovery.  Electing committed and experienced MPs like Andy Slaughter will ensure we have a Labour Government that represents everyone’s interests.”

In his speech, Andy Slaughter thanked everyone for the work they were doing to see him re-elected and spoke about the energy in the campaigns both for the general and council elections, and added: " Last year the Conservatives locally wasted £200,000 on glossy brochures and PR gimmicks which told us nothing – or nothing accurate - about their airbrushed candidate.  The venture capitalists and bankers who are funding him must be thinking it a poor investment. The money we have raised tonight – though a fraction of that sum -  will pay for an election campaign that allows us to talk honestly to the people of Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush about jobs, homes, schools and the health service – issues that mean something, and on which Labour has delivered.” 

So already, and the election not yet having been officially called, we've had visits from Cameron and now Mandelson. Does anyone care to tell me again that our constituency is not seen as vital to win by the two main parties?!


  1. with your usual insight I see

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