Friday, 5 February 2010

H&F: Good news video

Well after some considerable controversy over the first Council video I showed this week here's the second of a couple more. And we lead this time with H&F Council's video in which they proclaim the 3% council tax heaven we all live in now!

A couple of observations:

  1. The vox-pop interviews are shot in front of the new Shepherd's Bush library, which of course Labour claim they are actually responsible for from the days when they ran the council

  2. There is only one mention of social services, when it talks about a 'one stop shop' - but nothing about introducing charges to services for the poorest in our community when previously they were free - such as meals on wheels

  3. They proudly talk about reducing head count of 1,000 .. is that quite the tone to be using?!

  4. But my final point is actually a positive one - I quite like the idea of little vids like this from the Council. They're low cost and free to look at. So whatever you think of the content its a good way of reaching out. In fact I think they should do more - and perhaps spend less on more expensive propaganda like Pravda.


  1. The council is in absolute turmoil right now, ask anyone who works there. Morale, evidenced by the recent staff survey, is at an all time low. If people aren't being made redundant, then they're like rats jumping a sinking ship - all the best staff are leaving as no one wants to be in such a toxic environment, leaving them with the dead wood that no one can shift. We're about two more job losses and stretched resoures off a Baby P incident.

  2. Queen Caroline Resident5 February 2010 at 17:19

    Meals on wheels has never been a free service.