Friday, 19 February 2010

Scrub up the Thames!

Ever wanted to get yerself knee deep in Thames mud cleaning litter? I'll bet you have. Actually, like most Londoners I bet you have wondered what its like down there - we're always kept back by great big embankments and other barriers, but most Londoners throughout history had much more contact with the river.

Well now's your chance. The excellent Thames21 organisation is organising two local clean up events on the shores of the great river in our Borough - on Tuesday 2nd March at Fulham Bishops Park and on 3rd March Hammersmith Thames Path (south side of the Bridge). The teams operates as "flash mobs" - anyone and everyone from a very wide range of society descending on the river - just for the fun of cleaning it up! Many come out of historical curiosity, as the Chief Exec of Thames21 explains in this video there are thousands of years worth of artefacts to discover...I might see you there! Where's me wellies.

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