Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Recession Bush: The Sun pub closes down

Another Askew Road casualty, this time The Sun pub which is now boarded up and for sale. Thanks to the several of you who alerted me to it. I have to be honest though and say that it was a dive. Sorry to be blunt, but it was! That said, I hope the staff find something new soon.

Meanwhile, although we thought there was good news with the former 'Wine Rack' I have to say its not looking good there either. Next to no rennovation has taken place and the sign about opening again is gone.

We're now in February so that looks ominous. Not good news.


  1. i think Wine Rack is on track. Malek told me he had everything in place and it looks tonight as if they have started the job of renovating. Agree about the Sun though, it was a dive but two empty pubs in a hundred yards isn't good. I'd be really interested to know what the plans are for it. There's only one Old Man's Pub in the Askew Road now

  2. We were just sitting in Adams Cafe last week wondering how the Sun managed to stay in business. There are some nice pubs in the area doing good trade - the Princess Victoria is a very posh pub in a very unlikely location, tucked in behind the Becklow Road estate; the Eagle at the bottom of Askew Road is good, and the Angel & Askew at the other end is always pretty busy, especially since they got Hell pizza in. Down towards Hammersmith there are quite a few more great & thriving pubs in places you wouldn't expect - admittedly mostly gastro pubs, or places like the Ruby Grand rather than Queen Vic locals or old man pubs. But I wouldn't put either the Bull & Bush or the Sun past resurrection...
    The Wine Rack reboot is still progressing, it's just taking him a long time to deal with the administrators & the red tape.

  3. Good to know Wine Rack II is still on track

    I was going to try out Adams Cafe this saturday just gone but when I got there it was packed full! Clearly a well run business, even if I didn't get my breakfast!

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