Friday, 5 February 2010

RMT strike on central, victoria & bakerloo lines

Communist Bob of the RMT is making another of his regular attempts to bring havoc to Londoners this morning, so for those Bushers affected I simply give my usual advice:

If you want to get around from the Bush on strike days a really good way I’ve found is via the Overground – you can get down to Clapham Junction in about 10 mins and from there trains can either take you to Victoria or London Bridge. Or if you get it Northbound it will take you up to Willesden Junction and then on across an arc in North London, near to Camden and through Hackney. It doesnt cut the walking out but it does get you there eventually. Don’t bother trying to get a bus on the Green – you won’t get on.

And lets remind ourselves of who the RMT really are - good luck.

0930 UPDATE: you're probably reading this in the office having had a trouble-free tube ride to work. Once again the strike has had no effect with all lines running a good service, with the exception of picadilly and bakerloo, both of whom have minor delays due to signalling. So we start 2010 with the scoreline Londoners 1 RMT 0. A good start I'd say!


  1. "Communist"?? What was the point of putting this in? Is it to make sure that even before we get to Bob Crowe's actual name he has already been marked down as of no account? He could strike every day and that wouldn't make him a communist.

    Anyway I look forward to seeing the word "Capitalist" in front of, say, the Leader of the Council's name.

    But I guess it will be a long wait!

  2. He describes himself as a Communist actually and has been an active member of the Communist Party of Great Britain for decades

  3. Is that the same Wiki article which says

    "and is no longer a member of any political party, although he gave his support to the now disbanded Socialist Alliance, and believes all socialist parties should unite" ??

    And either way my question was not "Is he?" but "What was the point of putting it in?"

  4. Dennis - haven't you got better things to do than split hairs on a saturday night?

    You must be one of the few Londoners left with sympathy for Communist Bob - who puts hard left politics and basic greed above the need of the rest of us to keep our jobs in a recession.

    I suppose that does make you quite special though.

  5. Chris - what are you doing tonight other than checking people's blogs?

    On a more serious note I think there is a way of using labels which ensures that the person you are you are talking about is devalued before you have barely started. If Bob's bad you don't have to label him "communist" first. And its an old media trick to use photographs which deliberately flatter or deliberately undermine people as soon as you look at them.

    If you are pissed off with the tube strike then you are pissed off whether Bob is a communist or a supporter of the Dalai Lama.

    Hope you had a nice eveneing!

  6. Dennis - other people's blogs? I think you'll find this is my blog.

    Are you a member of the RMT?