Wednesday, 17 February 2010

QPR insult fans (again)

Like most QPR followers I received both of the emails the club sent out about last nights game with Watford, only for the game to be postponed with less than an hour to go before kick off. Well, they can't help the rain and probably they didn't cancel till the last minute because they wanted the game to go ahead. But you'd think some kind of apology might be in order for those that had already started out on the journey? Both from QPR land (which seems to extend well into commuter land along the M4 corridor) and also the Watford fans coming down from the north.

Not a bit of it. This was the pathetic one liner from the club. And as excellent QPR Report fan site put it:

I thought that last night's "confusion" re game on and game off and the brief statements made would be followed up by a profuse apology from the Club leadership accompanied by a full explanation about what actually occurred and why. Even though Watford last night was able to post a fairly lengthy statement from their manger, Malky Mackay. while nothing further was forthcoming from QPR (except for the accompanying photo of the pitch).

Obviously for myself, attending the game was never an option. And in in terms of I feared another loss, I was actually glad that the game was cancelled. But many, many QPR fans (and many Watford fans) were already en route, and laid out time and money, to get to Loftus Road.

Games get cancelled. Fields get waterlogged. Sh** happens. And one has to accept that, even if one moans. But there is absolutely no reason that the club has not come out with that apology and explanation both for the game being cancelled and for their earlier misleading "Game On" Statement .Sorry and thanks would go a long way. And not just an anonymous posting on the Official Site: But from our Chairman.
I genuinely expected that QPR would come out with some sort of statement.

But thus far nothing, no apology, no explanation. Just "business as usual"posts. Maybe as I write, so do they. (Maybe after reading this, they'll post something!)

They didn't.

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