Saturday, 20 February 2010

An Englishman in New York

As you read this I will be attending a sad service over here in the US of A. A very old friend of mine died of cancer recently and I am here for a celebration of his life, although its hard to celebrate things at this point. This comes on top of a family member passing away from the same terrible disease just weeks ago. Two very good reasons why I am running the Brighton Marathon in support of Cancer Research UK this April 18th.

Since January I have been running, quite literally in some cases, through ice wind and snow between the Bush and Hyde Park usually before most of you have even woken up! If anyone would like to sponsor this masochism you can do so here. And many thanks indeed to the readers who already have - at times like this it is very much appreciated indeed. I'm planning to run Central Park at least once during my time here.

Oh - and please bear with me, blogging is likely to slow down for a couple of days ..

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