Thursday, 4 February 2010

Police seize drugs, fags & booze in Uxbridge Road shops

Tuesday saw a series of raids on Uxbridge Road involving officers from Shepherds Bush 24/7 Safer Neighbourhoods Team in partnership with HM Revenue and Customs, who took part in an operation targeting four business premises in Shepherds Bush.

As a result of this operation the following items were found and seized:

  • 25 kilos of tobacco and 7600 packs of 20 cigarettes with no Uk duty paid.

  • 14.5 kilos of Shisha Seed with no UK duty paid.

  • 36 bottles of Vodka with no UK duty paid (illegally re-imported to the UK)

  • 76 separate bags of cannabis and 22 wraps of cannabis with a street value of £1000

One man was arrested for immigration offences and further enquiries are ongoing.

Sergeant Finbar King from Shepherds Bush Green 24/7 Safer Neighbourhoods Team said: " The local team have worked in close partnership with HM Revenue & Customs to make a sizeable seizure of tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs. We will continue to target premises that sell goods without paying the necessary duty. We would encourage the public to phone their local SN Team or Crimestoppers on 0800 55111 if they have any information about the illegal sale of the items mentioned"

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