Thursday, 18 February 2010

Tideway Tunnel "homeless" claim disowned by Council

The Fulham Chronicle is now reporting two stories that first broke on this blog, in one case nearly two weeks before they appeared in print.

They report that our Council has disowned a claim by Raj Bhatia, the chairman of the Stamford Brook Residents Associaton, that the Tideway Tunnel would make people homeless. As I said here that's a pretty weasely excuse since the Council had full editorial control of the video and chose to release it to the public with that scaremongering claim included - which they now seek to disown. I hope lessons have been learned by the Council's press office.

The Chronicle story also covers this report on H&F's attempt to whip up support among fellow Councils against the project. Sadly for them most Conservative councils have declined to support their campaign, the latest being Westminster.

Remember where you read it first...

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