Sunday, 7 February 2010

Meet the candidates

Over the next three weeks I'll be posing a set of questions to each of the three main candidates for our votes in the forthcoming General Election. Although the constituency itself covers a large swathe of Hammersmith and Shepherd's Bush I am only asking about the Bush. That is what this blog about after all, and previous interviews I've read on and offline have tended to focus on general borough-wide things instead of the specific needs of the Bush. Even the name of the constituency is Hammersmith - it includes Shepherd's Bush but we're not even referred to, which says it all!

This is a key battleground for the parties in the next election, having already had visits from Mssrs Cameron and Mandelson in the last weeks. And the results of the election - who we elect to Parliament and our Town Hall - will radically change the look and feel of Shepherd's Bush. So this, and future interviews which I plan on doing using video, is an attempt to make sure the needs of the Bush are not missed by any of them.

First up tomorrow will be Merlene Emerson, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Hammersmith. The following weeks will feature Shaun Bailey and then Andy Slaughter. And as you read these interviews try and come up with questions or responses of your own, which you can leave in the comments sections. I will try and use as many as I can in the next interviews, which I shall adventurously try and capture on video.

I hope you enjoy reading them.


  1. You can ask Bailey why his "team" do not answer letters from constituents, even though he has met with the residents and discussed issues; one might have thought he could show some interst in the follow up!

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