Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Mayor quizzed on Hammersmith Homes

Hello from New York fellow Bushers! News reaches me that the Mayor of London was pressed repeatedly on H&F Council's treatment of its local residents today. Leading the charge was Labour's Nicky Gavron who wanted to know what Boris thought of things like this.

I'm told that there were many local residents in the audience watching what was apparently a heated session, so that probably includes some readers of this blog. Anything to add, anyone?

I'm back in the Bush on friday - and very much looking forward to it!



    Nicky Gavron questions the Mayor, audio link above.

  2. Interesting how Boris resorts to "humour" and banter to evade answering questions and clearly would not be quite so flagrant in the evasive banter had the questions been put by a man. There are many more than the referred to "opportunity areas" in H&F including Queen Carline Estate, White City and others, And was not the Westfield site once considered an opportunity area and how come two thirds of the "affordable housing" associated with the development has been allowed to slip away?

  3. Sorry, I moved the blog, the audio link to Nicky Gavron at Mayor's Question Time is now here:-