Monday, 15 February 2010

Boris hits the Bush

Now we know why Boris hasn't had time to answer formal questions in the London Assembly about trifling issues like disabled people's access to the new tube station, he was too busy actually visiting the Bush himself! This time he visited an employment centre on the Goldhawk Road along with Council Leader Stephen Greenhalgh and Conservative candidate for our constituency at the General Election Shaun Bailey.

The Mayor answered a variety of questions from the great and the good, including his views on what measures the London Development Agency could take to alleviate the impact which this area is feeling of the recession.

Good on Boris for coming down here and taking a look around, and credit to Stephen Greenhalgh for having the pulling power to get him here. The two men are at loggerheads on other issues so its good to see them putting those to one side for an issue of such importance to the Bush. It was clearly an election thing for Shaun Bailey but I think that's fair enough, they're politicians after all.

What I am a bit mystified about is why the otherwise excellent Fulham Chronicle website didn't have time to report that Andy Slaughter MP actually had a Work and Pensions Minister down here during the same week, looking at the same issues. Perhaps they ran out of space.

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