Friday, 29 July 2011

Shepherd's Bush - as you have never seen her before

Open Doors, the pop up gallery people who host local artist exhibitions in people's homes across W12, have established a few things about the Bush that some of you, in fact nearly all of you, won't have known before.

Click here to see a cornucopia of facts and figures about the Bush from times gone past.

I'll be returning to my series, Historic Bush, soon. I haven't done anything on it for a year, and while Open Door's fantastic collection is desk based - in the sense that they are images and documents you can search for and find on this wonderful interweb thingy, there is plenty you call also see in the streets around us. But it's disappearing fast.

Not only do our Council wish to destroy the Victorian row of shops on the Goldhawk Road but this shop I profiled here, is now sadly gone. Turned into flats, you see.

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