Wednesday, 6 July 2011

motorcyclist/car accident opposite W12 Centre

Breaking: more sad news of yet another road accident, this time involving a motorcyclist and a car. Details sketchy but coming in primarily by readers, so keep them coming. Have asked Police for a report.

So far one of you has told me:

"I rode past it on my bike just as ambulances arrived on scene; rider was down but seemingly conscious and stable".

Use the comments for more updates as and when in the normal way...

1030 UPDATE - The Police have confirmed to me that the rider is a woman and that she is basically OK. Here's what a spokeswoman had to say:
Police were called by the London Ambulance Service at 09:28hrs to reports of a collision along the Uxbridge Road j/w Southern Roundabout, W12.

Female being treated for shock.

No Arrests.

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  1. To expand on that comment; ambulance and rapid response vehicle both arrived on scene together, accident had taken place almost literally outside the road side entrance of Shepherd's Bush station, between middle and outside lane of roundabout approach (before the bus exit from Westfield)

    At least two cars had stopped in front of the incident so I'm not sure which one (if any) hit the motorcyclist but one was people-carrier sized and the other a normal car.

    Rider was laying face down, helmet off and bike (a BMW I think) had been picked up and put on its stand. Paramedics quick to get to work but no great urgency and apparent dialog so assume consciousness and stability.

    Apologies if any of that turns out to be wrong, only got a very brief glimpse of what was going on as was riding myself and obviously didn't want to suffer same fate as traffic bottlenecked through single remaining lane.