Tuesday, 5 July 2011

H&F Woman evicted over Tina Turner singing

Our Council has evicted a woman for belting out some of Tina Turner's best known hits and making her neighbours lives a misery whilst doing so.

And no, it's not April 1st. The Evening Standard is reporting that the woman, who lived in Riverside Gardens, Hammersmith, provoked numerous complaints to the Council from her neighbours.

Proving that the Council is tough on Tina Turner wannabes, Cllr Greg Smith thundered:
"This woman had every opportunity to pipe down and give her neighbours some peace, but she refused. Eviction is the last resort but if someone insists on making life a misery for others, we will take all necessary action."
Simply the Best.


  1. Good riddance, people who live in densely populated areas and think it's acceptable to infect their neighbours premises with their singing, music, TV...etc are a plague on society

    Hats off to the council for taking a strong stance.

  2. Poor woman.

    Have they no soul?

  3. Hi - enjoyed this story!

    How can we send you a press release re Olympia please?


  4. use shepherdsbushblog@yahoo.co.uk