Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Brook Green smash: Man arrested for drink driving

Thanks to those of you who were in touch about yesterday's car smash on Shepherd's Bush Road near Brook Green. Some of you told me you were badly shaken up by the sight of the girl who had to be cut out of the car. I'm sorry I just didn't have time to report it yesterday.

I have, however, just received this statement from the Police which confirms that the incident, contrary to how this was written up by some elements of the media, was a suspected drink drive accident. Here's what the Police have told me:
"Police were called at approximately 08:00hrs on Monday 4th July to reports of a collision along Shepherds Bush Road near the junction with Brook Green, W6.

Officers, London Ambulance Service (LAS) and London Fire Brigade (LFB) attended the scene.

A female was cut from a vehicle and taken to a West London Hospital where her condition was described with non life changing injuries.

Road Closures were lifted at about 12:44hrs.

A male was arrested and taken to Hammersmith Police Station for drink drive and has been bailed."

The main point at this stage is the euphemism "non life changing injuries" - what that means to you and I is that they didn't have to amputate. Why they don't just say that I have no idea, but I hope this update helps.


  1. "Non life changing injuries" covers a lot more than amputation, I imagine Chris. It suggests that there were no serious head injuries, neck injuries, back injuries, serious damage to internal organs, etc. I suppose it's the easiest phrase to use for something a little more serious than "cuts and bruises" but explaining that the patient will be OK in the long term without comprimising the patient's confidentiality.

  2. Theres been another accident in hammersmith this morning, involving a cyclist.

  3. That junction is terribly frustrating. When you're coming out of Tesco's, the green phase only allows three or four cars out. Consequently, if you wish to go left then quick right alongside Brook Green, you tend to get in the right-hand lane. I've seen a couple of cyclists almost caught in the crossfire as the frustrated cars turn left from the right-hand lane.
    Thank God the lady in the above accident will make a recovery. You have to wonder what the heck someone's doing over the limit behind the wheel at 8am. I attend a lot of industry events that go on late the night before a working day, and make sure I take public transport the next morning (or 'work from home'!)

  4. Talking of frustrating junctions, the Askew Road/Uxbridge Road junction really, really, really should have a right filter. Traffic turning right moves into the centre of the road then can't turn for the traffic going straight-ahead. In the end, only one or two vehicles get to turn right per phase, and by the time they cross the pedestrian crossings they're going across whilst the pedestrians are on green. Accident waiting to happen...