Friday, 15 July 2011

Free cycle security marking - Wednesday 20th

Free cycle security marking will be available outside Shepherd's Bush police station on Wednesday between 4pm and 7pm, courtesy of the Askew Safer Neighbourhood Team & Cycle Task Force.

I plan on getting this done and advise you to do so as well - despite the sometimes innovative methods used by local rozzers against bike thieves it remains one of the most complained about crimes in the Bush, which means it continues to be rife. With the bike being marked it becomes harder for thieves to sell them on making it less attractive to do, and of course easier for police identify their rightful owners. 

Stop by and say hello - and read my account of a Saturday night out with them in W12 to get an idea of what they get up to to make our streets safer.


  1. For some reason, I can't post using my real name, so I'm using anonymous. I had a previous bike security marked but that didn't stop someone stealing it. When I phoned to report my bike stolen, the police weren't at all helpful. They told me to "look on eBay". Well, guess what? It wasn't on eBay and it wasn't on Gumtree. In all honesty, the police aren't that bothered about stolen bikes. Buddy Hell

  2. @Anonymous

    Unless you have a tracker installed on your bike (I don't know of anyone who would do this) then stamping a number on it obviously isn't going to find it if it goes missing.

    However, if a haul of stolen bikes is recovered, at least you'll see your bike again... Having said that, it's probably in the Thames by now. Sorry.