Monday, 16 August 2010

Bike thieves caught in a trap

Bikes used as bait have snared local thieves in an innovative new experiment by police in our backyard. Focussed on Hammersmith but relevant and likely now to be extended to Shepherd's Bush in the coming months the police have been left ready to be stolen, but also fitted with tracking devices to lead police to the robbers' den -quite literally.

As a result of the scheme the average number of reported bicycle thefts in Hammersmith has fallen by almost a third from 23 to 15 since the scheme was implemented, and the initiative could be rolled out elsewhere in London, while forces in other parts of the UK are also studying it with interest. Bikes are often stolen to order, it would seem.

Inspector Tony Hirst, of the Hammersmith Safer Neighbourhood Team, told the Standard: “Pedal cycle theft appears to have become the crime of choice for many low-end criminals because of the quick reward and low risk of being caught. We hope to put the fear back into the criminal.”

The Evening Standard first broke this story followed swiflty by the Pedal Powered cyclists site, see both for more info. Great work from the rozzers, and hopefully will cut the rampant bike theft that goes on locally.

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