Friday, 8 July 2011

Olympia tube line: Tube boss to face Bushers

Andy Slaughter, our MP, has managed to persuade Richard Parry, boss of London Underground, to face local people about the imminent closure of the district line service to Kensington Olympia. On his website Mr Slaughter says that the Council is at sixes and sevens about whether or not they are in favour of the line closing, with some councillors apparently campaigning in both directions.

The meeting with Mr Parry is at 7pm on Tuesday, 26 July in the Pillar Hall of Olympia.

I had a different impression of our Council's appraoch to this and reported here how I thought the Council had actually done well in persuading TfL to listen to local people - but was then sent numerous opinions to the contrary from campaigners against the closure of the service who felt that the Council had not listened nearly enough to their concerns. They were equally unimpressed with Kensington and Chelsea, the neighbouring authority.

Either way, make a date in your diary if you are in any way concerned with the changes to the District Line service - the most important audience is Mr Parry who has the power to make the final decisions.

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  1. Hammersmith and Fulham council does seem to be trying to have it both ways. Some members including Greg Smith are still actively campaigning for the closure, even though the party line is that extra Wimbledon trains* should not be at the expense of the Olympia service.

    It is untrue that is unimpressed by RBK&C. In matter of fact they have been much more vocal against the closure. Their MP on the other hand is sitting very firmly on the fence.

    *It is perhaps worth noting here that the proposed increase in Wimbledon trains is a meagre 1% over the day.