Thursday, 7 July 2011

New Bush Theatre Director announced

Madani Younis, 31, the Watford-born son of a Pakistani Royal Mail driver and a Trinidadian teacher, will take over the venue which has a long tradition of promoting new writing, according to the Evening Standard.

The news, which follows the departure of Josie Rourke, is a welcome boost to the Theatre which is now housed in the old library building on Uxbridge Road and promises to bring a new focus to the theatre's work, grounded in the diversity that charecterises the Bush.

The new director describes himself as 'reflecting the reality' of modern society - and being based in the centre of one of the most multi-ethnic places in the UK, he's certainly an interesting and inspriring choice for our new theatre.

Madani Younis
Appointed in 2002 as the Director of Red Ladder Theatre Company’s Asian Theatre School, Madani staged seven productions for the company - Streets of Rage (2002); Silent Cry (2003 - regional, 2004 - national tour); Freeworld (2004 - an international collaboration with the Studio Theatre Damascus, Syria); Caravan (2005 - West Yorkshire Playhouse); Freefalling (2005 - Red Ladder Theatre Company, national tour); A Waiting Room for Journeying Souls (2005 - Peepul Centre, Leicester), and Doors (2007- Red Ladder Theatre Company, national tour).

He originally trained in film, and his debut short film Ellabellapumpanella, commissioned by the UK Film Council, was screened at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2007.

He was the recipient of the Decibel Award at the South Bank Awards show in 2006.

Madani Younis said today:
“I am delighted and honoured to be joining the Bush Theatre at this significant time in its history. During the past two years, through my work at Freedom Studios, I have had the privilege to build a strong working relationship with the Bush in supporting the development of new writers, and I look forward to continuing that work, and building the company’s future in its new home.”
Josie Rourke said:
“This is a deeply inspiring appointment at a big moment in the Bush’s history. I have been delighted with the Bush’s collaborations with Madani and Freedom Studios over the past two years. It’s wonderful to know that in its 40th year, and its new home, the Bush will receive such brilliant leadership”
 Nick Starr, The Bush’s Chair, said today,
“In Madani the Bush has found an Artistic Director with the confidence, vision and leadership to take the company forwards. It’s an exciting appointment and I very much look forward to working with him.”
Good luck, Madani. And look out for more on the blog about this soon.


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