Monday, 4 July 2011

Brawl on Shepherd's Bush Green

Some of you have been in touch about a brawl involving men with bats and spades whacking each other on the Green on Saturday morning. One man was reported to be badly hurt while another was preventing passers by from intervening to help the casualty by threatening them with a spade.

All accounts report the injured man and at least one of his attackers being bloodied.

I have put in a call to the Police but in the meantime if you know anymore use the comments in the usual way...

0515 TUESDAY UPDATE - It appears three men have been charged following the violence but the police press office is being incredibly slow again, more to come ...

0830 UPDATE TUESDAY - At last we have the run down - here's what a spokeswoman from the Police has just told me, starting with details of the three men that have been charged following the violence:

Daniel Browne, 8.1.84 of Thorpebank Rd, W12
Charged with GBH with intent and violent disorder.

Mark Murphy, 26.6.82 of Wayneflete Square, W10
Charged with GBH with intent and violent disorder.

Mark Joseph, 8.8.72 of Shepherds Bush Road,W6
Charged with GBH with intent and violent disorder.

All three appeared at West London Magistrates Court Monday 4 July where Murphy and Browne were remanded in custody and Joseph was released on court bail.

They are all due to next appear at Inner London Crown court on 22 September at 0930.


  1. yeah heard from neighbours that right outside the 2nd hand book shop on the corner that they were wacking each other in the face?
    No one knows why everyone is so aggressive in Shepherds bush green at the moment!
    Police van and people laid out on the green in the morning explains everything but to threaten passers by is just a joke and showing that they had serious problems with each other....? Its strange as all the talk of the police cracking down on problems and then more and more happen...

  2. Speaking of incidents on greens...what happened this morning on the Shepherds Bush Road part of Brook Green park- opposite the Brook Green Pub/Hotel? Looked like a collision involving three vehicles. There were three fire engines blocking the lane and fire men were huddled around the offside front of one of the vehicles involved. The pavement was cordoned off with police tape...

    I hope that no one was hurt.

  3. it was a nasty car accident which needed a woman who had apparently driven on the wrong side of the road being cut out of the car - have asked for the police report and will report it tomorrow

  4. morris dancers?

  5. The woman who needed cutting free from the vehicle was on the correct side of the road, a black car had apparently been travelling on the wrong side of the road and collided head on (by the looks of what I saw) - a third car seemed to be coming in at the side, maybe after swerving to avoid the crash and the having to turn back to avoid oncoming traffic.

  6. yes thanks see latest article I've just posted on this with all the details