Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Shepherd's Bush Police report - 115 rocks of crack seized, and a robber with socks

Operation Target, the London-wide crackdown on criminality, has continued unabated in W12 and here is a snapshot of what the rozzers have been getting up to in Shepherd's Bush in the last month. Following my night with the team a couple of weeks ago I can confirm this update provides both an insight into how needed they are, but also just how bizarre their encounters can sometimes be:


PCSO's have been handing out Crime Prevention leaflets and encouraging local residents to be more vigilant.

On 2nd July police received a call to a male acting suspiciously in a side street. Officers from Shepherds Bush Green SNT responded to the call. On arrival the suspect tried to decamp but was detained by police after putting up a violent struggle. He was searched and found to have two screwdrivers, a pair of pliers and had socks covering both his hands. The suspect was arrested for Going Equipped to Steal but local enquiries by another officer found a nearby premises that had been broken into and this male was also arrested for Burglary.

Violent Crime

The team have identified that a high volume of alcohol related violent crime was taking place around Shepherds Bush Green. On 27th June a known troublemaker was arrested for a public order/alcohol related offence. He was placed before West London Magistrates Court the following day who saw fit to approve a two years Anti Social Behaviour Order banning him from coming within 50 metres of Shepherds Bush Green for a period of 2 years.

Overall Team Results from 6th June to 3rd July
  • 189 stop and searches
  • 53 arrests
  • 378 alcohol seizures
  • 115 rocks of crack cocaine recovered
  • 35 bags of cannabis recovered
  • £5000 in counterfeit goods recovered
  • 500 litres of contraband alcohol recovered
  • 5 kilogram's of contraband tobacco recovered
  • 1 firearm recovered
  • Numerous other items of property used in the commission of offences have also been recovered

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