Monday, 18 July 2011

Oxjam Shepherd's Bush: The take-over starts now

Shepherd's Bush is the land of the take-away given our thousands of fried chicken emporia but Oxfam is launching a month-long take-over in October and it looks set to transform the Bush into a land of music and good causes.

Oxjam is Oxfam's month-long music festival. It runs all through October with hundreds of events around the UK, all organised by volunteers who know and love their local music scene, all raising money to save lives around the world. You can get more info on their facebook page and Twitter feed.

But the fun starts here - the first fundraising event of the Oxjam Takeover, a Pub Quiz, will take place at the Defectors Weld the week after next Thursday 28th July at 8pm. At a cost of £5 each to play, teams will be made up of 5 and the bods at Oxjam tell me there are great prizes to be won with all proceeds going into the pot, which goes to Oxfam after the October Take Over is complete.

Stand up/comperes have been announced for the night to present in the form of Luke McQueen and Rachel Stubbings... two rising stars of the stand-up circuit who "..pride themselves on their unique and remarkably immature outlook on life, love and relationships".  (I think that means there might be jokes about sex)

The organisers say that "Luke and Rachel have what is known as a love/hate relationship (Luke loves Rachel, Rachel hates Luke) but for some reason they make a couple cuter than a truck load of kittens". Hmm, while reviewers have described:

"Intriguing, innovative comedy" - Timeout

"An unusually high standard of innovation and comic writing" – The List

The month promises to boast a series of performances around W12 including music, comedy and other acts in a range of venues. Details are sketchy at the moment but I'm promised more info soon so for the time being pencil a bit of fun into October. And here's a taste of what Oxjam Brixton was like last year - get the rap lyrics about how this guy loves his locale!

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