Monday, 1 August 2011

Historic Shepherd's Bush: Where did Ken Livingstone buy his pet eels?

Not Ken Livingstone
When I interviewed Ken Livingstone, the Labour candidate for Mayor of London, the other week on the Goldhawk Road he described when he first got to know the Bush. It was in 1961 or 1962, he said, and he'd bought some pet eels from a shop.

Not to eat, he hastened to add, before confessing that he'd never seen the attraction of eating eels. No, these were pets of the future politician and lived to be a ripe old age.At the time Ken was working at Brompton Hospital in Fulham and was years away from becoming actively involved in political life.

So here's a question for you - where would he have bought them?!


  1. Not sure but they do make fascinating pets - I had a Moray eel as a pet!

  2. sorry this is unrelated - accident on shep bush (yesterday around 5pm) green where green meets goldhawk road, think it might have been involving a scooter and a pedestrian as no car in sight, area closed off by police and they carried a person on a stretcher.any infos?hope it wasnt too bad...

  3. Where are all of the articlez? Come back, Chris! :-(

  4. there used to be live fish store on the goldhawk
    road, when i was a child, many,many moons ago!
    fairly sure he could have got eels there in the 60s

  5. I would have thought it would be A. Cooke's Pie Mash Liquor and Eels shop on the Goldhawk Road, just along from the Market. Now sadly threatened with demolition by the council as part of the regeneration plans for that end of the Market, but still there last time I was over that way.

    Also when I lived there as a kid I think there was a fishmongers quite close to that end of the Market as well, although don't know if they sold live stuff.