Monday, 15 August 2011

H&F Borough Commander: Update from the week-end

Hello - an update from over the week-end from the Borough Commander of H&F Police. Sadly she displays a bias towards Fulham Football Club, which is unforgiveable.

Apart from that she, and her team, have done a superb job this past week.

I have spoken to officers who have been working 17/18 hour shifts and sleeping on station floors, in some cases in parts of London where they were facing the worst levels of violence, much of it directed against them.

Here's what she has to say:


We had a busy weekend but I am glad to say that that all went well. I visited Fulham FC and there was been a good police and steward presence. This was also the case at QPR FC and at the cycle race. I am delighted that we did not have to cancel any of these events as to have done so would have had a significant impact on local business.

We are continuing to have a visible presence on the streets utilising Special, Safer Neighbourhood Officers, Detectives and Community Support Officers. However, we clearly will not have the same volume of officers on duty as we did earlier in the week but will have sufficient to keep the Borough safe. As I am sure you appreciate officers require time off and the threat at this stage is greatly reduced. We will continue to arrest outstanding offenders and we are maximising the additional officers to complete some warrants.

Notting Hill Carnival planning is ongoing and we have developed a local policing plan to support policing in those areas peripheral to the carnival. Any information or intelligence is always much appreciated.

Your support over the last week has been incredible, thank you. We will keep you advised of any developments throughout the month but not on a daily basis unless circumstances dictate. No news is always good news".

London Wide
  • 16,00 Officers were on duty across London over the weekend.
  • 1580 arrests to date.
  • 923 people have been charged.
"A number of you have contacted me regarding becoming volunteers over the last week. I thought the attached web link may be of interest".

What can you do?

"You can also help us by assisting in the identification of people that have been looting, rioting and committing crime.

Anyone with information should call our incident room on 020 8345 4142. Alternatively you can call the Crimestoppers charity anonymously on 0800 555 111.

We are also publishing images of people wanted in connection with looting. Follow the link below to see if you recognise any of the people we wish to speak to:

It remains my intention to ensure that we work with you and the Local Authority to keep local communities safe"


Lucy Chief Superintendent Lucy D'Orsi Hammersmith & Fulham Borough Commander

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  1. Unforgivable bias. And to think I was warming to her...