Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Super Sewer rebellion: Mayor movement

Have a look at this report from last week's BBC London News - it seems that Boris Johnson, getting ever closer to the election, is starting to backslide on his support for the Thames Tideway Tunnel, or "super sewer" as it is known by opponents.

I havent reported on this for a while now but will do so soon..and thanks to H&F Council's press team for putting this vid up on their site.

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  1. The Super Sewer won't cost 3.5bn but a lot more! TW has already admitted it will be 4bn ( The independent studies they quote are actually AGAINST the Tunnel
    Even Ofwat wrote to the then Minister Elliot Morley to tell him that the Super ewer was NOT the solution for London. So all the Government support TW claim to have really comes from a guy who's been convicted for FRAUD!
    This project is crazy, it would cost us a lot, it would NOT solve the problem and would destroy several London communities in the making of it, not to mention all the parks and green space Tw has targeted for their construction sites. It would also compromise London's image: do you want a river side dotted with intrusive concrete promontories jutting into the river and mounted by effluent tower releasing sewer fumes into the air!? Those river cruises would not be as popular with tourist if this madness went ahead!!
    TW claim they are doing this for the environment and yet they target green spaces that are instrumental in the absorption of rain water (which is the REAL problem). cities that have the Tunnel are telling London not to go for it. Surely they have no interest one way or the other so why not trust their experience? This is merely a vanity project for TW: they will be a left a free asset worth billions courtesy of their customers. They really have taken us for mugs. I'm glad people are finally coming round to the fact that this a con!