Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Message from H&F Borough Commander

Following her first use of this blog to communicate with the community, in the wake of the Lakeside Road shooting, Borough Commander Lucy D'Orsi has just sent me this statement on the current disorder in our area and the response the police are making locally:

"I know a lot of you have been concerned about the level of disorder in London and how this is impacting on Hammersmith and Fulham.

As Borough Commander for Hammersmith and Fulham I would like to reassure you that we have plans in place to deal with any disorder robustly. I am personally over seeing the borough response to deal with any local disorder as well as providing support to other areas of London which have been more effected by recent events.

Sporadic incidents took place overnight which were dealt with quickly by our officers and decisive action prevented disorder spreading. We made a number of arrests for breach of the peace, violent disorder and burglary.

I am saddened to see people intent on damaging their own communities with mindless violence and criminality. We will not tolerate mindless criminality. We have plans and resources in place to tackle any further disorder, deal with normal policing and continue to work closely with our communities to asses the impact of the disorder. It is my intention to ensure that we keep our local community safe through visible and firm policing and by working closely with the Local Authority and Business Partners.

You will see an increase in uniformed officers and community support officers in the coming days.

I am enormously proud of my officers who have worked long hours in unprecedented conditions to keep the borough safe.

I would urge anyone who may have any concerns to contact me.

Community information/intelligence is invaluable during these unprecedented times. Please assist us in in condemning the actions of this violent minority and report any information however small, call on 101 or call crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. Please dial 999 in an emergency".

Chief Superintendent Lucy D'Orsi, Borough Commander for Hammersmith and Fulham Police.

1730 UPDATE - Shops up and down Uxbridge and Goldhawk Roads are shutting down. The Market has closed as has the W12 centre. Here's some pics and keep the updates for your fellow Bushers coming

W12 Centre closes in a hurry

I actually left work early - we're based in Stockwell n'r Brixton which is sadly much more likely to get hit - on my way back I was going to go for a run but the W12 centre was closed so I went to John's hairdressers on Uxbridge Rd instead. The owner, who's father came here from Cyprus and who's family has been cutting locks in the Bush since 1934 was having none of it. I asked him if he was worried. "nah" said he "I've got me broom". He's not afraid - and neither should you be.


  1. Reports that Westfield closed at 3pm...

  2. A lot of the smaller shops in the Bush were closing, but Westfield seemed very much open for business.

  3. Hi Chris,

    Longtime reader, first time commenter. Keep up the good work with the posts - really reassuring to hear balanced reporting about what's going on in the borough over the last few days.

    Also kudos to Lucy D'Orsi and the local H & F police squad during what must be incredibly stressful and trying time.

  4. Please keep this communication going. It is proving very hard to get correct info on what is happening on the ground. I am at work in Pimlico but my kids are at home in Shepherd's Bush.

  5. I was out in Shepherd's Bush 30 minutes ago and things were mostly normal. West 12 centre is shut but Westfield is open, despite rumours it was shutting. The Defectors Weld pub and several other businesses round the green have shut a bit early but the majority are still open and the streets are busy.

  6. Just walked around the Green and Westfield. Around 50% shut in each. Walkabout shut, as is O'Neills. The Green is open and doing a great trade. Security guard said shops closing in Westfield to allow staff to get home - on a per shop basis, no official closing time. W12 centre shut. Still little kids around, families etc. Good atmosphere. Please spread the word - all quiet here. All stations open, and buses seem as normal. Greggs just had a delivery. Sainsbury's busier than normal. The Market is shut

  7. Here in our area (just behind the W12 centre) its all quiet. Shops on Richmond way shut about 5:30 but everyone was quite cheerful and supportive of one another.

  8. The co-op is shut, yes, but the shop next door, the KFC, the Queen Adelaide and the kebab shop all doing a roaring trade. It's an ill wind and we were all laughing and chatting, mostly going home to eat in front of the News channel I guess. Weird times but sunny and ok in this bit of Uxbridge Rd.

  9. AFFECTED. Effected is a different word with a different meaning. Lucy D'Orsi, what sort of name is that for a senior police officer?
    Lucy the bear. Yeah, right.
    I hope that despite her failing in the English language she knows the only language that thugs understand; extreme violence.

  10. Just went around Acton on my bicycle. Even went up to Westfield. There are police there, but nothing out of the ordinary occurring. Some people are even having a pint in the pub by the corner. Defectors Weld is shut though.

    Pics if you care to see: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dhanakane/sets/72157627395419884/

    Apologies for the blurry images. Wasn't too sure how the police feel about being photographed these days. Didn't want to hassle them for a close up either.

  11. Thanks for all the comments - W12 is a community and we have a good local support from one another! Keep up the good work everyone. Stay safe and we send good energy to friends and families all over London and the UK!

  12. Think you are being a bit name-ist here! Affected or effected - I imagine that she (the commander) is a bit busy and that a slight grammatical error is hardly a crime, under the circumstances, although normally I would agree with your gripe.

  13. I think there are two things that make Shepherd's Bush different. Firstly it's the Holy Month of Ramadan, so there is a significant part of the population in Shepherd's Bush who are fasting and focusing on spiritual matters rather than rioting and stealing flat screen TVs.

    Secondly, I have no love for Westfield, but basically it is where most of the shops which people seem to like looting are based. It was always a fortress (remember when they broke up that demo outside the SB library and it has become more of a citadel in the past few days. I walked through it about 8 pm this evening and I saw two of the entrances were barricaded leaving a narrow area to pass. One entrance was guarded by police, a Westfield security guy and a very shaggy and even more aggressive black dog.

    I walked across Shepherd's Bush Green tonight because I'm not going have my freedom of movement restricted by anyone. Seemed fine to me.

  14. The boys at John's used to cut my hair when I worked in the Bush. I can imagine one of them saying that!

  15. http://yfrog.com/gznadxvj

    Fire engines and police seem to be responding to an incident in the Bush. Any info?