Sunday, 28 August 2011

Carnival is here

If you're off to Carnival today, enjoy it. One of the best things about West London to me is marking the end of summer by going along and if you are try taking the H&C line to Westbourne Park - you can follow the route round from there.

After the madness of the riots there will be a heavier police presence and I suspect the numbers will be down too. But if you haven't been before it's well worth it. Today is kids day and tomorrow the main event. But both are excellent.

MONDAY UPDATE - Yesterday was a strange old affair - for me the numbers were way way down compared to previous years, to the point where there were no crowds where in prvious years you could barely move. And the character of the event seemed to be changing too with one sound system, in Meanwhile Gardens, simply pumping out standard dance music - nothing to do with calypso or any kind of West Indian influence at all.

The clouds and intermittent rain showers probably had a lot to do with the low turnout but you have to wonder whether the riots have cast a longer shadow over the Carnival than was expected.

The floats were, as ever, excellent though as the snatched video above, the best my lowly camera could do, shows.

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