Saturday, 13 August 2011

4 arrests on Green in drunken row

Four people were arrested by the Police on Shepherd's Bush Green in a depressing reminder of some of our local problems this evening after what had been a superbly successful Bush Festival during the day.

Here's what a spokesman has just told me:

"There was a drunken altercation on the green. Police Officers on foot tried to deal with it but became surrounded by a threatening crowd. They called for assistance. As many Officers who could rushed to assist them. This included Public Order Police Officers in Riot Buses. 4 persons were arrested".

This would account for what many of you described as a very large number of Police - if you bear in mind that they would have heard that their colleagues were surrounded by a crowd it's really not surprising that they would respond in force. I'm told that as soon as they realised the situation was under control they left just as quickly. Seems sensible enough to me.

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  1. I saw it happen as I was going away from the Festival up to the central line station. I saw two policemen who had earlier come up to my stall for a nice friendly chat, leg it over to the bit with the picnic benches on the North side of the green.