Friday, 12 August 2011

Latest update: H&F Borough Commander on riots

In what I suspect might be her final update to you all, here's Lucy D'Orsi to round up the week. I will have the full story of the commemorations she refers to over the weekend with some background - very moving and a reminder of the price the Police sometimes pay for our safety.

Here's her update:

"There were extra patrols again on the streets of Hammersmith and Fulham yesterday in risk areas and where intelligence suggested we would maximise presence and impact. We also used the additional resources to complete a few drugs warrants and to track down and arrest some outstanding suspects. I am also delighted to say that owing to the enhanced policing presence we were able to arrest several burglars yesterday in the act. I would like to say that the public played a key role in the arrest of the burglars. It is clear that you are all very keen to report suspicious activity and as a result an early call to police led to a quick deployment which led to the arrest. Its supports my view that communities are critical to helping us catch and convict criminals. 

Thank you.

Many of you have also been informing us of drug activity this week in your neighbourhoods. Can I encourage you to continue to do so. I have an enormous amount of officers on duty so where we can we will act.

I attended two community meetings yesterday and again received great feedback from those in attendance. It is clear that the increased policing presence has reassured you to continue with your daily business/activities. I was delighted to hear that as that is what my officers, volunteers and police staff have been working hard to achieve. We want you to be out and about.

Going forward a number of residents have expressed a desire to work with Police, the Local Authority and established community groups to capitalise on driving forward a collaborative approach to make communities safe, that feeling of citizen responsibility and citizen led solutions. This is fantastic.

Today I attended the memorial service this morning to the 3 officers who were shot dead in Braybrook Street in 1966. I found it to be very thought provoking when I was speaking with their family. 45years ago officers were working hard to keep the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham safe and that is exactly what we are continuing to do today.

I continue to receive great comments from you all and your support has been much appreciated by my officers. Your messages are up on our notice boards for staff to read. If anyone has design skills who could help me to make better displays I would really appreciate it.

We will continue to have a strong presence across Hammersmith and Fulham today and throughout the weekend. Both Fulham and QPR football matches will take place. I am keen to ensure 'business as usual'. I hope people are sensible when attending and support our drive to keep the Borough safe. I have enough officers to deal with anyone who tries to disrupt any events and we will be proactivitve in arresting anyone intent on engaging in criminality.

My leadership Team will continue to ensure that officers are in the right place at the right time to have maximum effect. Please continue to chat to my officers, they really appreciate it".

The London Wide Picture

1054 - total number of arrests since Saturday

117 - total number of charges since Saturday

What can you do?

You can also help us by assisting in the identification of people that have been looting, rioting and committing crime.

Anyone with information should call the incident room on 020 8345 4142. Alternatively you can call the Crimestoppers charity anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Police are also publishing images of people wanted in connection with looting. Follow the link below to see if you recognise any of the people we wish to speak to:


Lucy Chief Superintendent Lucy D'Orsi| Hammersmith & Fulham Borough Commander


  1. Just a thought - how come the total number of charges since saturday has dropped since the last posting? from c300 to c100!

  2. Well done to all those involved in these times - Police - people - this blog - community as a whole. It is really good to see everyone sticking together and helping to push away bad things as thin turn affects us all. Being born and bred in this city it feels good that people report the activity and are not shy to do so from whatever walk of life, as in the past people have always had close the curtain/door attitude and think if its not happening to me then I will ignore. This has had a major affect on us all and shows that if you all work together creating a community you can break the crime and make the area better and bigger with such a diverse crowd. Most importantly understand each other and not base things on first appearance. Regards to all friends and families going through their own troubles London and UK wide.