Friday, 19 August 2011

Death on the Green: A sad sight

On my way across the Green to the gym this morning, at about 0620, I came across this very sad makeshift memorial to someone called "Jimmy" who has evidently died.I have since had it confirmed that this was the name of a street drinker from the Green who was hit by a car outside the Walkabout pub last week.

Initially his condition was not thought to be serious but he subsequently died in hospital. I suspect there may have been some other conditions given his lifestyle that might have contributed to that.

I reported in June, from my night with the Shepherds Bush police, how street drinkers like Jimmy were dealt with firmly, in terms of enforcing the rules around drinking in public, but with dignity and respect. And I had some other examples in that report of why those people were drinking themselves to oblivion every day and night. One man had terminal cancer while another was an addicted mother who would never see her children again.

It's very easy sometimes, and I'm as guilty as anyone, to be judgemental about people. But I wonder how many of us put in the same position as him would have been that much different.What a waste.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I've had some interesting conversations in the park promoting "Open Cinema" with Edd Stock from St. Stephen's on Uxbridge Rd. We found out a few weeks ago that there is a group which feeds 35-50 folks each evening at 9pm in the Green. Good to see local people serving without much fanfare.